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Anahita Beau Champ
in Mauritius

Real estate agency Mauritius

East coast of Mauritius

Located in the East of Mauritius, a region renowned for its heavenly beaches, majestic lagoon, lush forests and picturesque mountains, Anahita Beau Champ aspires to become a true oasis of serenity. Dawn at Anahita Beau Champ stands out for its dazzling sunrise and its omnipresent nature which blends with a range of gastronomic, sporting and leisure experiences, offering an undeniable attraction for those in search of a balanced and enriching life.
The Anahita Beau Champ project is designed to 
preserve and enhance the authenticity of the site, with particular respect for its natural environment. It's a place where smart farming is at the heart of everyday life, with local fruits, vegetables and flowers available all year round thanks to meticulous land organization.

LOCALISATION Anahita Beau champs
Beau Champ Restaurant Mauritius

The historical heritage of the region will also be highlighted. The old molasses tanks will be transformed into a café and restaurant offering healthy and local products, while the old sugar factory will host "The Factory", a space dedicated to shopping, sports activities, art and relaxation with family. Beyond life on earth, Anahita Beau Champ will offer privileged access to the sea. Imagine having lunch at the edge of a sparkling lagoon, playing sports, lounging on a deckchair, or even escaping for a getaway on Ile aux Cerfs. All this will be possible at the Beach & Boat Club of Anahita Beau Champ.

This ambitious vision is not limited to beauty and comfort. The objective is to build a Smart-City which respects and preserves existing vegetation, with roads designed to harmoniously share space between cars, cyclists and pedestrians. The Smart City will be built with environmentally friendly materials while preserving the site's architecture and heritage character.

An attractive tax system

Where ?

Beau Champ

What ?

Smart City


Apartments, Penthouses,
Building plots

How much ?

From  Rs 21.9M
From Rs 47.3M
From Rs 52.5M
From Rs 7.9M

When ?


The + of the project


  • in a controlled and healthy environment

  • near two exceptional golf courses

  • a stone's throw from the largest lagoon on the island


  • shops and office space

  • of a sports centre

  • restaurants

  • a beach & boat club

  • of a school


  • residence permit for non-citizens

  • the possibility of reselling your property in full ownership on the international market

  • discounts on the various services and activities of the domain

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Your options

Apartments for sale
The Echo des Champs

Apartments for sale Mauritius

Les villas à vendre

The Demera villa designs are perfectly integrated into the lush nature of the estate, through the use of natural materials such as volcanic stone, wood, shingles and thatch. The mix of contemporary and traditional rural architecture also gives them a lot of charm.

Two models of villas designed according to the orientation and topography of the land are offered along the beautiful coconut tree avenue.

The Demera Villas model 2, whose living spaces have a double north-south orientation, allow magnificent views of the small forest and the alley of coconut trees, as well as an optimum luminosity all day long. 
Price from Rs53,450,000

The Demera Villas model 4 will allow their happy owners to enjoy a beautiful unobstructed view thanks to an architecture that favours opening to the outside.

Price from Rs52,500,000

The apartments are distributed among several residences and in different areas of the estate, in order to create human-scale buildings that fit perfectly with the philosophy of Anahita Beau Champ.

The sloping roofs blend harmoniously into the landscaped environment surrounding the residences, while the structures of the verandas, balustrades and other metal staircases are a nod to the industrial architecture of the former factory located nearby. In the Echo des Champs neighbourhood, 12 two- and three-bedroom apartments and three three-bedroom penthouses are available.

Apartment price from Rs21,900,000

Penthouse price from Rs47,300,000

Villa's façade Mauritius
villas Demera for sale Mauritius

Land for sale  
L’Écho des Champs

Plot for sale Mauritius


Build your villa while containing your costs, that's what you can do when you buy a construction plot in Anahita Beau Champ. Invest in a plot of land ranging from 965 to 1,519 m2 and call upon your own teams of consultants and contractors to build your dream house, in compliance with the architectural and landscaping rules in force in the region.

31 lots which are reserved only for Mauritians.

Average lot area – 1125 m2

Price from Rs 7,900,000

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