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Vue du Sud Sauvage de l'île Maurice


Real estate agency Mauritius

Southwest Coast of Mauritius

Nestled in the picturesque fishing village of Baie du Cap, Anbalaba is an ode to the splendour of Mauritius. It's a place where luxury meets authenticity, where every corner reflects the beauty and richness of Mauritian culture.

Anbalaba is not just a real estate project, it's a sanctuary. Each residence, whether a sumptuous villa or a modern apartment for sale, has been designed to offer an unparalleled living experience. The properties overlook the ocean, offering breathtaking views of the blue horizon while being enveloped by lush tropical greenery.

At the heart of Anbalaba lies the village, a vibrant and animated space. Here, the gentle Mauritian way of life is palpable. The streets are lined with shops, restaurants and relaxation areas, offering residents and visitors a plunge into the island's authenticity. It's a place to meet, exchange and share, where the community comes together to celebrate life.

Ambalaba Project location Mauritius
AMBALABA  Restaurant Mauritius

Anbalaba's commitment to nature is undeniable. The project has been designed with a deep ecological conscience. A tropical nursery, extending over more than a hectare, testifies to this commitment to preserving and enhancing the island's endemic species.

But what really sets Anbalaba apart is its deep connection with the local community.
The Anbalaba Foundation works tirelessly to improve the quality of life for the inhabitants of Baie du Cap, promoting education, crafts and culture.

Finally, living at Anbalaba means enjoying unparalleled comfort. A concierge service is available to residents, ready to respond to every request and every need. Whether you need to book a restaurant, organize an excursion or simply enjoy a relaxing day at the Pool & Spa Club, Anbalaba promises absolute serenity.

An attractive tax system

Where ?

Baie du Cap

What ?




Land to build

How much ?

From MUR29,000,000
From MUR37,550,000
From MUR38,025,000

When ?

Under construction

The + of the project

Sumptuous living environment:

“Anbalaba” is located in an environmentis lying exceptional natural environment, offering a luxurious, peaceful and secure living environment, with breathtaking views of the ocean and the surrounding nature.


Local Integration:

The project is designed to integrate harmoniously into local life, with an integrated village offering meeting, relaxation and shopping spaces, reflecting the authenticity of Mauritian life.


Nature Preservation:

Particular attention is paid to preserving the environment and the island's endemic species, thanks to a tropical nursery and lush green spaces.

Concierge Services:

Residents benefit from a tailor-made concierge service, available 24/7, to respond to all their requests and needs, ensuring a stress-free life.

Optimized profitability:

The Rental Pool allows owners to make their real estate profitable, with additional income taxed at a reduced rate, while enjoying their accommodation according to their convenience.

Access to Luxury Facilities:

Owners have free access to the Pool & Spa Club, offering luxury facilities like a restaurant, swimming pool, gym, spa and kids club, for an enriched and comfortable living experience.

Entrée d'Anbalaba

Your property options in Mauritius

Apartment seaview for sale Mauritius


Guetali Villas

These 6 bioclimatic villas are reminiscent of traditional Mauritian architecture, inspired by historic residences such as the majestic Eureka House. They harmoniously merge Mauritian architectural heritage with contemporary amenities, as evidenced by their spacious living room opening onto a veranda. The spacious living room of 55m² extended by a veranda facing the ocean. Two bedrooms on the ground floor overlooking the swimming pool. Expansion options are available and the garage is equipped with solar panels for green energy.

Price from MUR38,025,000

The Views of “Anbalaba”

Les Vues d’Anbalaba includes 18 apartments, spanning 180 m², which offer an exceptional view of the lagoon, the coral reef and the immensity of the ocean. Each has 3 comfortable bedrooms, a master suite with a balcony, and terraces ideal for relaxation. You can choose between a first-floor apartment with a balcony or a ground floor with a private garden. Located in the heights of Anbalaba-Village, they benefit from proximity to various shops and facilities. Their modern architecture, refined and in harmony with the landscape, ensures unparalleled contemporary comfort while offering a feeling of daily escape.

Price from MUR29,550,000

Guetali Villas for sale Mauritius
Rivulet Villas for sale Mauritius

Plot of Land

Nestled 60m above sea level, each plot offers panoramic views of the sparkling lagoon and surrounding nature. With surface areas varying between 2000m2 and 2700m2, there is plenty of space to build the villa of your dreams while respecting the specifications of the residence.

Price from MUR42,080,000

Rivulet Villas

These 8 avant-garde villas combine comfort and modernity. Their green roof provides optimal thermal insulation, guaranteeing interior freshness. They integrate sublimely into the green landscape, offering their occupants a perfect symbiosis with nature. Discover a bright 55m² living space opening onto a veranda with breathtaking views of the lagoon.  On the garden level, two bedrooms with bathrooms offer access to the terrace and swimming pool. Possibility of extension and eco-responsible garage with solar panels.

Price from MUR37,550,000

Plot Sea view for sale Mauritius
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