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Nautica Villas à l'Île Maurice

Nautica Villas in Mauritius

Real estate agency in Mauritius

North Coast of Mauritius

Located in the most popular region of northern Mauritius, this new Eco-Villa project aims to keep up with the times and stand out from traditional villas in several ways.

The residence offers a set of 3-bedroom villas with contemporary finishes creating an elegant design, in a secure environment that prioritizes green spaces.

The villas are spacious, the living areas are bright thanks to full-height windows overlooking a landscaped garden and a pool inviting relaxation.

The orientation of each villa has been carefully considered to maximize natural light and ventilation.

Attention has been given to energy performance to achieve significant energy savings through efficient insulation and the use of renewable energy sources.

Location Nautica Villas - Mauritius
Eco-villas for sale Mauritius

Furthermore, as its name indicates, eco-villas are designed to reduce their impact on the environment, so the construction materials are classified as eco-labels that limit pollution

The hot water is produced by solar water heaters and the villas are all equipped with solar panels.  Moreover, buying an eco-villa allows you to benefit from a deduction of the cost of the investment of the solar panels, on your income taxes in Mauritius and to control your electricity consumption in an almost autonomous way.

An attractive tax system

Where ?

Grand Baie

What ?




How much ?

From $585,000

When ?


The + of the project

  • 3 bedroom villas with contemporary finishes

  • Eco-villa

  • All heights bay windows

  • Energetic performance

  • Solar panel tax credit

  • beach club

  • Full ownership

  • Residency permit

Available in the estate

  • Grocery

  • Spa

  • Shops

  • Gym

  • Boat parking 

Votre villa à l'Île Maurice

Your villa in Mauritius

Your Eco-Villa for sale in Mauritius

Nautica Villas - Mauritius

Nautica Villas is a collection of eco-friendly homes designed to have the lowest possible environmental impact. They limit pollution and reduce losses and energy needs. Our team of engineers, architects and builders worked together to optimize a sustainable and innovative architectural concept: bioclimatic architecture.

The plan of the villa is adapted to its environment, with openings promoting natural ventilation and a choice of eco-labelled building materials that minimize the carbon footprint. The villas are also equipped with photovoltaic solar panels, a rainwater harvesting system and energy-efficient equipment.

Green homes for a sustainable future for sale in Mauritius

  • Anti-reflective glazing

  • LED lighting

  • Natural ventilation and lighting

  • Rainwater harvesting

  • Roof insulation

  • Equipment with energy classification A+ or A++

  • Waste Management

Bathroom of the villa for sale - Mauritius

Energy innovation:
the 1st self-sufficient project for sale in Mauritius

Solar panel for the villa for sale - Mauritius

Discover the 1st self-sufficient electricity real estate project in Mauritius: Nautica Villas.

Opt for cleaner and planet-friendly electricity through the use of photovoltaic panels. By choosing this renewable energy source, you contribute to the reduction of waste and CO² emissions. Solar energy is an inexhaustible resource and a sustainable investment.

Photovoltaic panels require little maintenance and are installed discreetly on the roof to preserve living space.

In addition to adding value to your property and reducing your electricity bills, you can benefit from tax exemption in Mauritius. Opt for an eco-responsible future with Nautica Villas.

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