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Tax and Property Advantages of Mauritius for Foreign Investors

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Nestled in the Indian Ocean's core, Mauritius is not just a haven for tourists. Over time, it has emerged as a prime hub for global investors, especially in the Mauritius Real Estate for sale. Various elements, from its delightful weather to its beneficial tax environment, contribute to its allure. In this piece, I delve into the tax and property perks Mauritius offers, emphasizing real estate in Mauritius, without sidelining the unique security features of this locale.

An Alluring Tax Bracket

Mauritius captivates with its uniform 15% tax rate for both corporations and individuals. When juxtaposed with rates in other nations, this is a boon for investors aiming to optimize their profits.

Double Taxation Accords

Mauritius has inked double taxation treaties with several nations. These pacts deter investors from facing tax twice on identical earnings: once in their homeland and once in Mauritius. Such treaties foster trade and investment by assuring more transparent and equitable taxation for foreign investors. This is a significant edge for those keen to buy property in Mauritius without fiscal penalties in their native land. To verify if your nation has ratified a treaty, visit this official link:

Other Tax Incentives in Mauritius

Beyond a competitive tax rate, Mauritius extends other tax inducements to magnetize investors. These encompass:

  • No inheritance tax: In Mauritius, heirs can inherit property without any state tax imposition.

  • No capital gains tax: Profits from selling assets at a higher price than their purchase cost remain untaxed, spurring investment and economic expansion.

  • Favourable tax framework for offshore firms: Mauritius is famed for its beneficial tax structure for offshore entities, which can avail even lower tax rates and added perks.

  • Transparency and global compliance: Mauritius, while offering numerous tax benefits, also adheres to global norms of tax transparency and information exchange.

In essence, Mauritius has crafted a tax system that transcends its mere low rate. Coupled with a robust economy and a conducive business milieu, the island beckons numerous global investors.

Property Investment in Mauritius

Mauritius's real estate realm is thriving. Engaging estate agents in Mauritius is crucial to traverse the property market, bifurcated into two segments. One is exclusive to Mauritians, and the other is open to non-Mauritians. These experts possess profound market insights and can steer foreign investors in their journey to buy villa in Mauritius or even in rare cases beachfront villa for sale in Mauritius. While renowned names dominate, smaller real estate agencies in Mauritius often bring a personalized touch. I recommend perusing testimonials.

Advertising and Visibility:

The digital era simplifies the quest for your dream property. From hashtags like #agentimmobilierilemaurice on social platforms to portals dedicated to property for sale in Mauritius for foreigners, choices abound. Ensure you research thoroughly to align your aspirations with your budget. Often, I observe a mismatch between client desires and affordability. However, local banks might finance a portion of your purchase. Although Mauritius boasts pristine beaches, beachfront properties are typically off-limits to non-Mauritians. But, you can get exquisite villas, apartments, and penthouses in Mauritius with beautiful sea views awaiting in select island regions.

Quick Property Rundown

  • Apartments and Penthouses: Ideal for rental ventures or a secondary residence in Mauritius.

  • Houses and Villas: They promise ample space and luxury. Whether it's a house for sale in Mauritius or a luxury villa in Mauritius for sale, the market brims with diverse properties.

  • Building Plots: Some Smart-City and PDS initiatives proffer land sales and guidance. You can also construct with your team while adhering to the residence's stipulations.

Security and Assurance

Mauritius boasts political and economic steadiness, bolstered by a sound legal framework. Thus, investors can proceed with conviction, assured of their property rights.

Growth Prospects

The property sector in Mauritius has consistently expanded. With surging demand for upscale properties and a flourishing economy, real estate investments in Mauritius hint at promising long-term yields.

Beyond tax reliefs, the Mauritian administration has introduced schemes to spur foreign real estate investments. These initiatives allow foreigners to acquire property under favourable conditions, potentially leading to residency (starting at $375,000). I'll delve deeper into other residency avenues in my subsequent blog. If you're eager to learn more, reach out at or WhatsApp +230 54740302.

A Safe Haven in Mauritius

Mauritius, renowned as a serene tourist hotspot, also ensures safety.

  • General Crime: Predominantly, Mauritius has a minimal crime rate, especially violent offences. Minor crimes do occur but are relatively infrequent.

  • Tourist Safety: Tourist locales are generally secure. The Mauritian authorities, recognizing tourism's economic significance, have measures to ensure tourist safety. Yet, basic precautions are advisable.

  • Law Enforcement: The Mauritian police are adept and effective, collaborating with local communities to ensure tranquillity.

  • Natural Hazards: Despite being in a cyclonic zone, infrastructures are cyclone-resistant. Proactive measures and alert systems are in place for potential threats.

  • Health: Mauritius boasts a contemporary healthcare system with minimal health risks and well-equipped medical facilities.


Mauritius emerges as a top pick for foreign investors, especially in the real estate domain. Owing to its tax perks, the proficiency of real estate agencies in Mauritius, and a vibrant property market, myriad investment opportunities beckon. Whether you're eyeing an apartment, house, or villa, Mauritius provides a setting ripe for fruitful and secure investments.

For a discussion on your venture, connect with me. With sixteen years as an expat in this splendid nation and over two decades as a real estate connoisseur in the Indian Ocean, I'm eager to share my insights and guide you. Reach out at or WhatsApp at +23054740302.

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