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Let's talk about real estate in Mauritius

Apartments, maisons and villas for sale in Mauritius

The idea of creating a blog to promote my real estate services in Mauritius came to me for one simple reason: to establish an authentic connection with my clients. As a property hunter, I want to share valuable information and advice with you to help you find your future home and accompany and guide you in your buying decision.

Why create a real estate blog?

A blog is a powerful tool for creating a connection. It allows you to share information, answer questions and provide useful advice. I want my blogs to become a go-to resource for people looking for a new home or property investment. I want to share my experiences and tips for a successful investment outside your home country.

Introducing Sandra Colas Real Estate

Sandra Colas picture
Sandra Colas

With over twenty years of experience in luxury real estate in the Indian Ocean, my mission is to accompany my clients in their purchases and to defend their interests. I'm Sandra Colas, and I'm the partner you need to save time and put all the chances on your side to find the ideal property.

My missions are diverse but they all have one thing in common: to satisfy your expectations and serve your real estate needs in Mauritius. I will accompany you from the search to the negotiation and completion of the purchase.

Types of properties available


Apartments for sale in Mauritius offer a wide range of choices, from cosy studios to luxurious penthouses with sea views. Depending on your budget, we can explore all the possibilities together.


Buying a house in Mauritius is an excellent investment for those looking for a permanent residence or a holiday home, houses are also called duplexes here and are mostly semi-detached in Mauritius.


Villas for sale to foreigners in Mauritius are generally located in attractive and dynamic areas and other neighbourhoods prized for their natural beauty and accessibility to luxury services. Here are some common characteristics of villas available to foreigners:

  1. Privileged location: Villas are often located in prestigious areas, close to beaches, golf courses, and resorts. For example, projects such as Mont Choisy la Réserve offer views of the golf course or mountains, in intimate and private settings.​

  2. Design and comfort: Villas are designed to offer optimum comfort with spacious, open-plan living areas. They often incorporate modern and luxurious design elements, while respecting local architecture and bioclimatic design, allowing guests to take full advantage of the tropical climate. They can include tropical gardens, private swimming pools and extensive terraces (Harmonie Golf & Beach Estate).

  3. Facilities and Services: Luxury villas in Mauritius offer a range of high-end services and facilities, such as concierge services, in-home chefs, owners' clubs with access to exclusive facilities (such as spas, restaurants, and private events) (Cap Marina).

  4. Rental opportunities: Many villas allow owners to rent out their property, offering an additional source of income. Rental management services are often included, facilitating the maintenance and profitability of the property.

The dynamic areas of Mauritius

Grand Baie in the North

This region is known for its magnificent beaches, quality restaurants and numerous leisure activities.

East side of the island

The east of Mauritius is prized for its breathtaking natural scenery and peaceful atmosphere.

The West

The West of Mauritius is a fast-growing region, ideal for those seeking a relaxed atmosphere yet close to amenities.

Why invest in Mauritius?

Diversifying your property portfolio

Investing abroad allows you to diversify your portfolio and protect yourself against local economic fluctuations.

Tax advantages

Mauritius offers attractive tax benefits for foreign investors, making investment even more appealing.

Expatriate opportunities

For those looking to expatriate, Mauritius is one of the best choices thanks to its pleasant climate and exceptional living environment.

Simplified acquisition process

Let me get your criteria so that I can suggest properties that are right for you. I'll be with you every step of the way, from property search to negotiation and completion. I aim to make the purchase of property in Mauritius accessible to everyone without hassle

The advantages of buying property in Mauritius

Accessibility for non-Mauritians

Mauritius allows foreigners to buy property under certain conditions, offering unique opportunities.

Rental and holidays

Investing in property in Mauritius allows you to benefit from attractive rental income while having a holiday home at your disposal.

Second homes and permanent residences

Whether for occasional stays or year-round living, properties in Mauritius are suited to all needs and amenities such as medical centres, international schools, shopping centres, car dealerships, banks, etc. are close by.

The role of estate agents in Mauritius

Estate agents play a crucial role in the buying process by offering local expertise and facilitating administrative and legal procedures.


Do your research well, and read the comments left by customers who have used the services of estate agents to select the best partner.


I invite you to visit my Google page to make your own opinion :)  Sandra Colas Real Estate

The importance of renting in Mauritius

Property rental in Mauritius is a booming sector, which can be explained by an increase in the number of tourists visiting our beautiful island, but also by the number of expatriates who resort to long-term rental to test Mauritius before taking the plunge and buying.


Mauritius offers great opportunities for investors to make a profit.

I invite you to read this blog to find out more:

Practical advice for investors

Property selection

Choosing the right property for your investment objectives is crucial to maximising returns.

Investment management

Effective management of property investments ensures optimum profitability and minimises risk.

Current property trends in Mauritius

The real estate market in Mauritius is constantly evolving, with growing demand for quality properties and premium services.


Mauritius offers unique opportunities for property investors, with attractive tax benefits, an exceptional quality of life and dynamic, fast-growing regions. By working with a trusted expert like me, you can be sure of finding the ideal property that meets your specific needs and expectations.



What are the tax advantages for foreign investors in Mauritius?

Is it possible for a non-Mauritian to buy a property in Mauritius?

  • Yes, under certain conditions, foreigners can buy property in Mauritius.

What types of property are available to investors in Mauritius?

  • Investors can choose from apartments, houses and villas to suit different needs and budgets.

Where are the best places to invest in Mauritius?

  • The regions of Grand Baie, the east of the island and the west (Black River) are popular for their dynamism and attractive living environment. The North and the West.

How can I be sure of making a good property investment in Mauritius?

  • Working with an experienced and knowledgeable estate agent is essential to securing a good investment.

I hope this blog has helped you learn more about investing in Mauritius. Each month I'll bring you a new blog full of valuable information and if you want to share with me your future project you can reach me by WhatsApp at +230 54740302.


See you soon


Sandra Colas

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